Thursday, October 25, 2007

My very first words here...

Mama is blogging!

Why suddenly I create this blog??

Coz I want to understand my whole life better. Yeah la..but why now?

Since I quit my job, there are plenty of time for me to spend with my sweetheart Aisyah. She is now my top priority! And I realized that we've (me n hubby) got countless of memories to REMEMBER and to tell Aisyah when she grow up. Blogging would be the best way for us to keep it all.

I dont want to lose more things...I should have started blogging eversince Lil' Aisyah was born, or may be even soon as I got married, or as soon I discovered myself preggy, or after I graduated, or when I first entered Uni...or... cannot be earlier than was when I know how to use the internet. hehe

For this week these few things below need my most attentions:
1. Aisyah is sick! plus today, its 4 days already. Dear God...please give me strength.

2. My parking cheque. When can I cash it?? RM 60 is worth a diamond for an unpaid mom like me!

3. Bills, bills and bills - streamyx, car loan, insurance, housing loan. Howla...where can I find extra $$$

4. WAREHOUSE SALE!! - my Dear wrehse sale at Puchong. Really wanted to buy "something" for Aisyah. Get well soon dear...Mama actually wanted to buy new walker for you....a really nice one!

5. My raya cookies - Still havent collected it. Zalwa must be really mad with me! Sorrf fren..just dont have time to collect it...well, ok, maybe im giving too much reason. But I paid already okey! hehehe...will try to collect it this wekend.

6. Meg is getting married!! I cant remember where I put her invi card. if not mistaken, its on 27 Oct - this weekend. Need to reconfirm with other frens. what to buy for her huh??

7. Actually this one should be my top priority...but so shame of myself..when will I ever start dieting???

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