Thursday, December 6, 2007

4th Day

Hungry. But still can tahan. I've tried to avoid rice as much as i can. Alhamdulillah...still surviving after 4 days without rice!! And the drug, instead of taking it everyday, I took only 1 pill in 2 days. I dont want my body to rely 100% on it. And with this..those pills will last longer! (as I have only 10 pills haha...) can save money also. :) Oh also taking Teh Org kampung whenever i feel that i ate too much on that day.

The pills and TOK

Today, again bz in the morning. Make Aisyah go back to bed (after breakfast) and I quickly drove to Puchong. For what?? hahaha...KIKO. Arrived there at 10am sharp. Went in straight..luckily it was raining since the early morning, so not so much crowd in there. The clothes was nicer compared to the previous sale BUT pricey than the previous one. Dah alang2 sampai sana, I grab a few...and here they are..

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