Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My Little Mencah is now 1 year and 5 months old. She is getting more playful, talkative (Bahasa Minang + Banjar kot!) and cheeky. She is a joker to us (esp. to both Atuk Acan and Nenek Onah coz she spent most of her time with grannies).

Just now after Buka Puasa, I was at upstairs - bathe and solat. I can hear her (Mencah) grumbling downstairs coz she wants to follow her Babah to Terawih. So, I was trying to comfort her form upstairs by saying - OK, OK kejap lagi mama come down...Mama teman Aisyah OK....

As usual, I tot she was showing her tantrum coz theres nobody to entertain her - Atuk was busy watching berita. Nenek was reading Quran after maghrib and she was playing all by herself (boring kan...) and she cant watch her favorite PHDC channel!

To my surprise, she hang herself at the safety gate (we put a gate infront of the stairs so that she cant climb upstairs and do her stunt action!) and shouted to me : UUUUUPAT!! UUUPATTT! APPATT!! WATTT!!

It sounded like : CEPATTT!! CEPATTT!! BUAT APA...CEPATTT!!

Hearing that, both me and Atuk Acan laugh to tears! And I quickly ran down and see her smiling and still hanging herself at the gate. What a joker!

Here is another episode of her cheeky attitudes. She always fight with Atuk to watch her fav TV channel. Atuk will hide the TV remote and when she cant find it, she will go straight to the ASTRO box (what do we call that eh?) and press the OFF button. Or even worse, she will take out the ASTRO slot card! And after that, she will walk away with an innocent "tengok sapa lagi pandai?" look. Looking at her slumber face..nk marah pon tak jadi. Gelak jerlah....

Oh ya, last Saturday we went to 1 Utama (dah lama tak pegi). While walking down the pathway to the Rotiboy (my preggy sis in law crave for it!) we met the Barney and friends token machine. When Mencah saw them, she started to climb out from her stroller and reaching for that machine. She shouted : NAK! NAK! NAK! NAK!

I asked hubby to go and buy that Rotiboy while Im entertaining her at the machine. I put her on the seat and searching for coins. There was only a 20 cents coin in my purse so I cant make the machine move (minimum is rm 1). I was starting to worry when I saw a Chinese couple with their daughter approaching us. And they were counting coins...Alamak...this little monster for sure mengamuk punya if I took her out now! I had no choice, I have to take her out from that machine and give way to their daughter. Anddddd.... Mencah was like kena histeria! She didnt cry but, she was grumbling (or should i say maki hamun?) and shouting and pointing to that little girl!

Aiyooohhh!! Malunya Mama.... I have to hold her tight coz she was trying to attack that girl! Sayer sungguh malu hokkay... dan dengan muka merah padam, sayer terpaksa minta maaf kat couple tu. Lepas jer habis stau round, they quickly took their daughter out from that machine and went away. Mesti dalam hati dorang menyumpah kami 2 beranak! huhuhu....

When hubby came, I cepat2 ask him to insert coins into that machine. Tergedik-gedikla si Mencah when the machine started to move. Lagu fav dia pulak tu yg kuar.... While she was enjoying herself with that machine, came sorang Apek tua with his grandson (i guess....) And this boy was trying to touch Barney's face. You know what... dengan sombongnya Aisyah tepis tgn budak tu..tak bagi pegang Barney dia!! Lagi sekali, malunya Mama...... huhuhuhu... Dan lagi sekali I have to apologize for her rude manners!

The above incidents reminded me to this TV series : CAN YOU TEACH MY ALLIGATOR MANNERS? airing on PHDC everyday (forgot the exact time).

I think, from now on we have to start teaching her (seriously) to behave at all time. Before this, she used to be scared to strangers (which I didnt like either...) But now, she wasn't scared to anyone plus rude! Aiyooo..lagi pening kepala. When her cousins came back on weekends and playing the PS2, she will fight with them to get the control set atau dengan selamba, she will turn OFF the TV. Her cousins are all much much older than her! She is the youngest in our RAWANG family tree.

Her same age cousin-Fika (2 months older than Mencah) paling selalu kena buli. Whenever she (Mencah) saw her playing with her toys, Mencah will take it back !! Kedekut betul... And sometimes, she purposely slap on people's head or face!! Sebijik mcm samseng!

Slapping on people's head is wayyy tooo much! As a punishment I will ketuk sikit her hands to tell her that it was wrong to behave like that and hoping that she wont do it again.

HUrrrmmm...enuff said for tonite. Whatt??? its 2 am already!! Aiyooo..jap lagi dh nk bgn sahur...and I havent iron hubby's shirt! Really have to stop now.



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