Thursday, October 16, 2008


Am still exploring my new phone (grin :P). And, there are some not-so-old-photos in there (copied from my old phone) that I think I should have blogged.

Here they are... (with some melodramatic words with it! hehehe)

**klik to enlarge**

I have 'lost' many other memorable pics when I change to my new phone. Apek kat kedai phone tu kata, kalau u nk copy semua gambar2 dlm henfon lama ni...sampai u bukak puasa pon belum tentu siap! Hampehh... (Masa beli henfon baru ni kan bulan puasa)

My old phone takde memory card, so...gambar2 dlm tu kena send 1 by 1 via bluetooth. At least I manage to 'save' some of them. So, sebelum gambar2 ni hilang, saya archive kan siap2 kat sini.


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