Sunday, November 18, 2007


They've come back again. And for sure my Lil' Aisyah will get back her flu, fever, cough...hate this!
Those kids...aiyah! how to tell huh??? what is the best way for me to keep them AWAY from my baby? their parents like never care! and so my husband. They wont stop kissing and hugging my baby. Its not nice if I keep on telling the kids to stay away from my baby rite? After all, Im only their not-so-friendly untie! (admit not a pleasurable untie to be with!) Whats the problem anyway?? why am i being so pathetic towards them all?

The viruses spread out easily as my baby's immune system havent really rocovered.. after a day, she will start sneezing, eyes become watery, runny nose...and sooner..cough with phlegm! And it will stay in her body for at least 5 days..until she slowly recover. But then, it happens again as those kids will come back (again) for their grannies weekend visit.

OMG, how I wish I have a small house on my own. Where everytning is UNDER MY CONTROL.

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