Thursday, November 15, 2007

Meal Time : Introducing solids

Been trying to feed her dgn mcm2 jenis food, semua reject. Mula2 try cereal nestum yg perisa prune. Beli small pack, tu pon tak habis. Then try plak gandum Nstum, pon tak jalan. Recently be bought Farley's. Ader nampak improvement sikit...boleh tahanla. But kena layan dia mkn sambil ajak dia main2...maybe she preffers something that she can hold in her hand.

Eating her farleys biscuit.
Bawak depan pintu, tunjuk si Tam (kucing Atuk) atau tunjuk anak2 jiran depan umah main bola.

Atas tips dan nasihat dr my frens (Fas and Nieza...thanks), I tried cook porridge for Aisyah. Surprisingly, she eat quite a lot (3 or 4 small spoons is consider BIG portion as she never really ate this much)

Rice + Potato + Carrot + anchovies or fish or chicken or prawns. A lil bit of salt. Puree it!

Yehaaa! Kenyang....and comot!

Solid Food Guidelines : credits to MJ's newsletter.

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