Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Makan dan makan!!

Its been a busy weekend. My bro nikah kat Teluk Intan. So, you can imagine the "air" when all my relatives get together. mcm nk runtuh banglo yg kitorg sewa tu. Anyway, the bungalow was sooo...nice. Its above my expectation i could say...really worth the rm380 for 6 rooms! All equipped with air-cond, water heater, TV, cupboard, towel etc. When my untie told me that we are going to rent "a house" there...I was thinking about nothing other than ordinary house. Where kitorang kena bawak bantal selimut sendiri, the lesson is..never under-estimate your old-fashioned-look uncle and aunt! Hehe... Okkay, let the photos tells everything. Rasa mcm malas jer nk menaip panjang2 sbb tomorrow dah nak balik Prt Buntar plak. Kenduri our side plak. Again...busy giler lah nampaknya! Tumbang lembu taww...

Hantaran pihak lelaki kpd pompuan. Kreatif betui Tokcuyah!

Lepas akd nikah. Sarung cincin....

His BIG DAY. Raja dan ratu sehari

Mama, Babah and Ecah lak enteprem!

My lovely Aisyah. Kecian ank mama..air liur asik meleleh...mulut asik ternganga. Teething ler tu.


And now, what happened to my DIET?? Hancurr...Leburrr.... Baru jer turun sekilo after berhempas pulas tahan mkn for 2 weeks! Bcoz of that kenduri and the coming hari raya Qurban and kenduri again after that...memang kantoilah mama! Rasa mcm nk restart again on new year. Aci tak??

Sorry yer bang....byk sgt dugaan la bang..

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