Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baju Baru...

Oh ya..last week I bought new baju kurung for Raya Haji and my Bro's kenduri. Well actually, hb paid for it. Thanks dear! Dunno wheather this was a good deal or not. Original price was RM100 something (as told by the SA lah...) , but got this for only 50 bucks. Chiffon with beads. This is my 1st time buying this kind of clothes. Glamernyer... but, as usual I have to alter almost 40% of it. Sana sini panjang...letihnya!

Ni before alter. Dah alter pendek sikit lengan dagn labuh baju tu. Sesuai la utk org2 pendek..hehe


Lama i tak update pasal my diet routine kan. Well, everything goes well except for that picnic day. Tapi takla teruk sgt... mkn2 gitu2 jer. sbb I took duromine that day. hehe. But then kire burn kalori la jugak kan, mandi manda kat tgh sungai tu.

Yesterday I sent hb to komuter. Pegi airport. He went to Thailand for 3 days. Huhu...gonna miss u dear (I missed u oredi..) and Aisyah, this morning, 6.30 am dh wake up and started babbling..babababah...looking for babah la tu. Sabar yer sayang...tomorrow babah will be back!

And yesterday lepas hantar hb to komuter, I went to POSLAJU to collect my parcel. Maybank hantar SONYVisa credit card! Allamak...bahaya nih. Nanti bertambah2 my debt. Dah la cc B.Islam tu pon lom abis bayar. So, I dare not to use that Sony card until I get back to work! Really hope to get the PID RASA job! Hehe..Zel..any news??

Tomoorow rasanya I have to go to klang again. Finalize everything with my untie about the hantaran and the preparation nk hantar pengantin. kesian plak my bro asyik call dr Sing asking for any updates on his Big Day. Well, I'll try my best okkay... so, next time pls be moooore nice to me okkay! hehe...

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