Saturday, January 26, 2008



This entry is dedicated to those who wonder how my office (Pusat) looks like. Pls feels free to click the above links. No comments are allowed. Haha..

My pusat is mainly a size of a classroom. Very small huh? Altogether, there are only 6 PCs. We do have aircond, but function wise very the TERUK. You can only feels the cooling if you stand right below it! So, most of the time (esp. in the afternoon) we were in sauna! Anyone, kalo ada duit lebey..sumbangan seketul aircond sgt lah dialau-alukan. Hehe.

There are 5 PCs for students. 1 PC will be reserved for internet users. The other 4 (also connected to internet) are for class session. Those who want to use the internet will have to Q for that reserved PC . They were allowed to use the other 4 PCs if tak ada students at that time. Max usage at one time is 1 hour. If no body's Q-ing, then they can use as long as they want. Most of the time, hanya muka2 yg sama jer yg nk guna internet! Bosan akak dik!

And this one is the other PC yg tersgt biol keadannya. Keyboard dh sakit jantung. Screen dah kena stroke. And it was mine! Dont ask - otherwise bring your own!

And, at the back there (pakai baju hijau, tudung hitam tu) is my assistant-Hazira. She's single but not available (in case u ask..). She bring her own laptop coz dah tak ada PC dah. And shed rather bring her own than use that (mine) biol PC. As for me, tak kose nk bawak laptop sendiri. Bukan ada keje nk buat pon ~sigh~

Lupa nk mention, ader partition kat tgh bilik. So that kalau kami tgh memperdengarkan temper kat student2, org yg tgh Q nk guna internet tu kurang lah sikit dengar kan ~sigh~

What else?
- A scanner yg sgt tidak mesra pengguna.
- Of course printer. There are 3, but 1 of it dah kena cataract. Boley print kaler biru dgn merah jer (Again..dont ask unless..)
- Blackout buster. A must!! becoz blackout happens 3 to 4 times sehari!. I want to ask why...but I know there were no explainations. So, why bother asking rite?
- Sofa set yg jarang kami duduki.
- Fans. Ader 5, tapi ketiak kami tetap berpeluh ~sigh~
- Router of coz...
- Kami pakai streamyx by the way..

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