Sunday, March 23, 2008


Its been quite sometimes since my last visit to the cinema. Snake on the plane was the last movie I watched before I got stuck with Aisyah. Haha. But, since our baby is not with us (weird though...didn't feels like lovers anyway. haha...) we've been watching this 2 movies in this 2 weeks.

Been eye-ing for this movie ever since I heard it's promo on radio. Last week, we (me n hb) went for a unplanned movie watching during our so-called "weekend Jusco visits" at Kepong. Thats the nearest and the best "all under one roof" mall nearby. Remember guys, we dont have much choices here in Rawang. ~Sigh~ We had our fatty dinner at KFC before heading to the cinema. Its not our style to book movie tickets online or even surf or make phone calls to check movie availabilities. Padan mukalah! There were no great movies that worth to watch. And it starts very late some more. So, I suggested that we try checking another cinema at Selayang. At least, we were half way to home (nearer). Trust me, I dont know whether its Cineplex or TGV or GSC. Been watching movies there a few times but I never bother to remember the name. Haha... Am not sure if the cinema still exists! We reached Selayang at about 11 pm something. That place is rather scary and gloomy now. Worsen than my last visit. Maybe because its very late and the schedules are more or less same like TGV in Kepong. No good movies. But, as we have the "dah alang-alang..." attitudes, we ended up watching this forever-dump-and-rubbish movie~10,000 BC! Thats the stupid-est English movie that I had ever watched in my entire life so far. (Eh, it doesnt sounds English Hindi essence!)

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The storyline was like no plot, no motive, no direction, no climax....and nothing else I could say. Yes, it potrays a great CGI efforts, but, can they at least produce a movie that can connect the audience to the storyline? I would rather sit on my sofa and watch the National Geographic channel. So peeps, for your good sake, please do not watch this movie.

And, this weekend...we did our Jusco visit again but this time I managed to convince hb to go a lil bit further. One Utama jerr. Hehe. And, as we never learned any lessons (sgt degil okkay!) we went to check (again..) for any good movies (again..) Its not checking actually as we already made up our mind-to watch as many movies as we can while little Aisyah not around! (sounds like ambil kesempatan kan?) We first checked at the cinema nearby Jusco area and later on, we went to the other one at the other wings. (am very bad at telling direction and/or places!) This time, lucky us! Gone Baby Gone is now showing. We bought the 9.30 pm show. As usual, dinner is a must before watching movie. This time we dine at Teppanyaki where I had my usual menu-salmon, while hb-beef.

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A 4-year-old girl is missing in a tough Boston neighborhood, and private investigators Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro (Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan) are asked by family to assist in the case. Kenzie is a street-wise P.I. who utilizes his knowing locals from school to help in the investigation. But this is no easy case, and the there are drug thugs, money, and liars around who complicate their work.

Language and violence give it the R rating, but this is well worth viewing. Ben Affleck's directorial debut, adapted from the Dennis Lehane novel, also stars Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman and Amy Ryan (in her first Oscar-nominated role for best supporting actress as the missing girl's mother).

Filem ini "agak" best. Unpredictable ending! As a parents, you will appreciate this movie more. I cried watching this movie okay! Cant stop thinking of my baby. peeps, go and watch this and lemme know whether u guys feels the same! Hehe...

So, thats how we spent our weekends as a separated-from-baby-parents. There will be another separated weekend (next week) before the 3 of us unite in the early April. Oh, please....let this be the last and only time of life-without-Aisyah. Am sooooo....addicted to her! Life without our little sweetie is dull, boring and surprisingly...SAD! I sobbed most of the times whenever I think about her. Day or night, weekdays or weekends, sunny or rainy days... are no fun without her roaring around the house.

Good nite everyone. Have a productive Monday tomorrow!

Footnote: All movie infos are from RottenTomatoes.

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