Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baru Balik kampung...

Malam tadi sampai dari Perak pukul 11 lebih. Mencah kepenatan..tido sepanjang jalan.

Anyway, my beloved hubby (En Somi) deserved a million thanks, hugs and kisses from me for being 'abnormal' for the last few days. Hehehe... reasons are:

1. He canceled his fishing trip to Klang
2. He balik kampung with us!
3. He brought us outing to Penang on Sunday.
4. He helped to send my sister to matrix Kepala Batas...

With all the above, I have no choice but to love him!

(pssssttt... saya rasa En. Somi sudah skodeng blog ini last week. Hihihi...)

And, there are few good news also.....

Abang, thank you so much. I love U.

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