Sunday, May 4, 2008


21 - 25 April 2008


Ayer Keroh d' Village Resort, Melaka


CB1 - Program Pembangunan PID 2.0 : Ke arah pembentukan usahawan sosial


Training for all the penyelias and penolong penyelias PID nationwide. An in depth discussion of the 'KICK-OFF' program which was held previously at PD in February. We were taught about multiple models and methods (loads and loads of it) to understand our community in a better way.

I felt like re-seating for my Marketing and/or Business Management Paper in my uni time.
There were Vern Diagram, Gantt Chart, Opportunity Tree, Problem Tree (there can be as many trees as you want!), Social Impact Diagram, SWOT Analysis etc.

Hurmmm...take it or leave it....

Well, the challenge is there... Shall we?

Eh, what is the KPI anyway? Hurrmmm....

Lets' see what we've been gone through in that 5 days.

Selected pics from the above slides with some explanations/comments

Accommodations : rated 2 out of 5

Food : rated 3 out of 5

Am I expecting too much? hehehe.....

What is this? PETA DESA... hehe..

My favorite : PID LANGKAP. Congrats Dia!

One of the interesting diagrams....

During one of the group sessions...

Cant remember anything about these 2 photos! hahaha....

Me and Dia yang tak sabar-sabar nk kick-off dengan communitynya! Hahaha...

Making profit out of this...? Anyone interested? Selling at rm29.90! Hahaha...

And this one also! Selling at rm69.90, whoaaaa... expensive! Ezey....Hafiz...what is this? Kekeke...

The Bazaar night

My stuff....

My group....
Riak kejap : My group won the best Bazaar that night!

Our 'staff' with their 'stuff'. Heh!

Last day. The most poyo-est participant receiving her buntings from Puan Fauziah. Hehe...

Its time to say good bye... sedey ke happy nih?

Thats Ezey (in orange shirt) yang selamba membuat U-turn tragis sbb tertinggal handbag tak orinya kat lobby resort. Dengar cerita menenangkan diri di Bandung? Hehehe...


My apologies for any keceluparan. Heh! Am just trying to be honest to myself.

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