Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I am still and always be addicted to HER

A few days back hubby suddenly uttered this : Mama ni sejak dah busy bisnes, dah tak addict to Aisyah kan.... he was saying that while comforting Aisyah yang tgh meronta-ronta nk ajak keluar. He was hinting. Its been a while since my last postings here.

Hubby was now a regular visitor to this blog! :) He used to be silent reader...but now he read out loud. Hahaha... kidding. I think he misses my writings (perasan).

I admit - I dah lama sgt tak update blog Mencah ni. And I admit, I was super busy with my BIZKIZZ. But, that doesnt mean that I have ignored Aisyah. Not in any ways. She is still my top priority, my favourite, my angel, my sweetheart, my everything! Even tho I didnt type it here, her every single milestone was all archived in my mind. I watched her closely everyday... having fun together singing and learning and dancing and acting and sightseeing and everything!

Apart from my busyness with BIZKIZZ, there are another reason why I didnt update this blog. Our beloved CASIO digicam ran out of battery. And the charger plak tertinggal kat kampung. Huhuhu.... mana best buat entry without pics rite?? And last week my dad dah post that charger back to me. Tapi still tak berkesempatan nk snap our little monter's pics. So, there will be no pics in this entry. Heh! bosan kan?

Aisyah is now 1 year, 3 months and 2 weeks old.

She just recovered from a really-really bad teething fever. Gosh..its the worse so far. Huru hara mama dan babah tau. Worried sgt-sgt. suhu 38.5 - so doc terus bagi ubat ikut anal. She threw up kat klinik-menangis sampai selop sbb takut dgn Dr Bhagwant Singh! hahaha...Doktor tu pakai turban busarr... janggut sama misai banyak lebat...mcm mana lah Mencah tak melalak. Funny tho. Doktor nk cek dia pon payah. Melekat kat Babah. Lagi tragis, mama pon demam jugak haritu. Both of us demam at the same time sampai Doc insist to buat blood test kalau kami tak recovered by Friday. For me, maybe sbb kurang tidur tapi terlebih makan. Hahaha... Memang tak larat. Bilik penuh dgn kain muntah Aisyah. Our shirts jgn katalah kan..rasanya sampai 3, 4 kali tukar shirts sbb asek kena muntah. Aisyah tanak minum or makan. Maybe sbb gum and tounge dh kena ulser sbb panas badan. Sedih betul tengok..air liur meleleh-leleh. Nak berdiri pon goyang-tak der energy coz tak makan. Malam pertama dia demam tu memang nightmare for us. Menangis tak henti2. Sampai ingat nk bawak jumpa bomoh tau. Nasib baik, the next day tu hubby dah apply leave. So, hubby yg kena korban tido dan layan Aisyah sampai pagi. By Saturday she was getting better and fully recovered by Sunday. So, that Sunday, we took her out to TESCO Selayang (tempat biasa kami...)

I also have a err...dunno whether its good news or what... I passed my DPLI exam. Was listed for interview at UPSI on July 22nd. A monsterly teacher in the making.... We'll talk about it after the interview. Whatever, wish me luck!

Aha... I really want to mention this here. Hehehe...

A dedication to my beloved hubby.

He's been so supportive, understanding, sporting, outgoing, caring and amazing to me and my BIZKIZZ. Having him giving full support towards my business was the last thing that I would ever expect from him! He really amazed me. He took leave to accompany me to meet the suppliers, giving constructive ideas, helping me promoting my stuff to her colleagues (and, it contributed to my most sales!) and the best part is... he bought a canopy, compatible table and also a battery generated lamp for my booth. Aduhai abang, ketahuilah..sesunguhnya saya sangat terharu! Thank you soooo much!!

Ok olls..thats a wrap! Bye...

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