Friday, July 18, 2008


Warning. Dont try this at home!

I was busy upstairs-doing some housework when suddenly I heard 'kecoh-kecoh' kat bawah. Dengar nenek Onah panggil hubby suh dtg tengok aksi Mencah. Hubby at that time was having dinner kat dapo. He asked me to come down with the camera. I went down straight and saw this...

Dengan selambanya...sambil tengok TV

OK, now show mama how you did this!

Very easy lah mama. You just climb from behind, then push your leg one by one through this hole. But mama, please dont try this... you'll break my walker!

OK thats enough! I am no Paris Hilton okay...
Ma, you are just like a mamarazzi lah!

Then, soon after...while me and hubby was busy surfing the net, she was caught doing this!

Ooopps...I was caught in the act again!

Ma..please...dont scold me okay...

Mama ni tak kasi can langsung tau...

I noticed that Aisyah got easily bored with something. She can only concentrate playing or doing one activity for a few minutes before she got distracted and turn to something else. Be it books, dolls, toys or even watching TV. She prefers to moves around rather than just sit and playing with teddy bears like other girls usually did. Ball is her fav, others would be climbing sofas and stairs and doing stunt action with her gears. She is very boyish I could say. Did your girls also behave like this?


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