Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A quick update before I go home.

Last nite, when she (Aisyah) bugged me while Im doing some work with the computer, I showed her - a few snapshots of her favourite TV series which I coincidently saved in my picasa web album. (peeps, u shud use picasa also!)
  • Mat Kacau and Abg Zoe from Gerak geri Gasing with the props background and she said : Gaashingg!
  • Barney n friends and she said : Baebey! (barney)
  • Little Einstein and she said : Aiisheyy! (Einstein)
  • Hi-5 and she said : Hai! hai! hai! and raising his palm doing the hi-5 dance!
And, whenever we passed by any nice houses along the road (there are many nice houses in Kg Melayu Bt 16!) she will excitedly shout : Wooooowwww... chintiiiikkk!! (cantik)

When hubby heard that, he always said : Ok la... ok la... nanti babah beli rumah cantik-cantik mcm tu yerr...

But yesterday, when I told hubby again about this, he said to Aisyah : Rumah kita tak besar mcm tu la Aisyahhh.... rumah kita kecik jerr...

I bet, Aisyah would love this house! Chinntiiikkk....

Hurmmm... peeps, u got that?

Well, Im going to tell this story real soon. My excitedness is soon to be revealed!

Stay tune!


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