Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We are moving out soon. Means, grannies will not babysit Aisyah anymore.

What do you think? Hantar kat Babysitter atau hantar Nursery? I prefer nursery coz it was so close to our 'future' house. Kalau nk hantar babysitter, I dont know anybody lorrr.... Ambik maid (indon?) ohh...tidak dlm masa terdekat ini. Ongkosnya enggak ada! (kalau sapa nk sedekah maid, dipersilakan! haha)

For sure, I will do thorough 'investigation' about the nursery (TASKA) before sending Aisyah there.

We hope Aisyah will enjoy her new surroundings!

It would be exciting if we can afford to send her to this kind of kindy! someday, perhaps...

On second thought, buat playroom mcm ni kat umah pon cantik kan! hehe....

This few days, we've been telling Aisyah many times about the idea of sending her to the nursery. Whenever asked, she always geleng kepala and says 'tanak!' We've started the morning training by waking her up (early), and tell her to get ready coz mama and babah are going to work and YOU ARE GOING TO SCHOOL.

We (me and nenek Onah) told her repeatedly to behave, jgn terlebih manja, jgn jadi pembuli, jgn fight with other kids, jgn asyik nk tengok TV dan jgn asyik nk mintak susu!

I dunno whether she understand or not, but I always try to convince her that we are doing this for our own good. Its time to be independent. We as a parents, tak kan nk harapkan org tua sampai bila-bila kan? Diorang pon tau penat... Bak kata Zell, tak kan siang mlm nk hampuk anak kat org tua. They've been taking care of our beloved daughter for nearly 2 years. Kasi can lah Atuk Acan dan Nenek Onah relax2 lepas ni!

I dunno how will she (Aisyah) react on this until the moment came. But, I already know how would my parents-in law reacts. Nenek Onah already told me that they gonna visit Aisyah at the nursery every weeks! Hahaha...

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