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Adakah kurang ajar kalau saya emailkan surat ni kat Telekom Malaysia 'kebanggan' rakyat Malaysia itu?


From : Raihan Juri

Date : 26 October 2008

Address : Kg Melayu Batu 16, 48000 Rawang.

Dear TM,

After grumping (and wasting phone bills) for so many times, calling your call centre, I finally decided to write this e-mail, hoping that my frustration and disappointment of your services could come to the end.

Let me write here the chronology of my disappointment. I have to write this long email on a MS WORD sheet before composing it to my email. (That’s a hint on how bad the internet connection is!)

25 Sept 2008

Since after 6 pm, I can’t log in to my streamyx account. The error no. 678 kept on prompting-out on my screen. I did all the ‘usual advices’ given by your call centre people – shut down everything, do direct connection bla…bla… but no avail. At this time, I didn’t make any report to your call centre yet, hoping that the line will improve tomorrow.

26 Sept 2008

I tried logging in to streamyx again. Again – FAILED. I lodged a report to your call centre and was told to do the usual practice again – direct connection, bla..bla..

27 Sept 2008

The TM Streamyx technical person pay a visit (finally) and founded that the connection error is due to my fix line problem. He gave a call to his colleague informing about our situation and asked for other tech. person to handle my case. He said, fixed line problem is not under his duties. As he made this phone call in front of us. So, we didn’t make any further report/ complaint after that, assuming that the respective peoples are well informed.

7 Oct 2008

The line is still not working. Since today, I have been making many-many phone calls to your call centre – reporting and querying on our situation. I was told that this problem is due to OVERHEAD CABLE. Some of them said ‘KECURIAN KABEL’. Fine. We waited again.

18 Oct 2008

I was ready to ‘explode’ as the situation has shown no improvement. In our neighborhood we were the only to face this problem. I made a harsh report to your call centre again. This time, I insist for a technical person to come and check the wiring, cable, modem or what so ever – ASAP.

19 Oct 2008

The TM person finally came, and he settled the problem in just a few minutes! (Kan bagus kalau dari awal2 lagi wakil anda dh dtg cek kondisi talian) The wire that connects to the fuse (the small white box) was not properly connected. I did a quick check to my streamyx connection. It seems working well. (I didn’t browse through for a long time coz I was in hurry). But, later that night, I face the error no: 678 again. My DSL light is blinking (again). I called the call centre (again). After that I managed to log in to my account for no longer than 5 minutes before the DSL light is blinking and the connection dropped again!

20 Oct 2008

I made a report (again). The line is not working well. DSL light is still blinking. After online troubleshooting (done by your call centre people) I managed to log in – as usual for approx. 5-10 minutes before the line dropped and I have to struggle redialing it again and again.

21 – 23 Oct 2008

I was extremely exhausted and disappointed with your services. I made a really harsh report (again) to your call centre – I couldn’t remember when it was. Probably on 22 Oct 2008 and this time, I was given a report number 1-3935163012.

24 Oct 2008

From 6 pm onwards, I tried to log in again. The DSL blinking problem still occurs. The redialing process took place again and again.

25 Oct 2008

I was tooooo… tired to call your centre again. I kept on redialing to my streamyx account whenever the line dropped. There are no words to explain my anger + frustration!

26 Oct 2008 (today)

I received a call from your TM person just now, asking about my internet connection and phone lines – referring to my report number 1-3935163012. As I was in front of my computer at that time and the line seems to working well, I made an honest feedback : This morning the connection has improved compared to the last few weeks. I manage to log in using the splitter (before this I had to do direct connection) and the phone line is working well. I was told that my report will be closed and was asked to call the call centre again if the problem re-occurs.

Right after a few hours then, I had this problem again. I am still trying to log in to my streamyx account whilst writing this e-mail.

Updated :

7 Nov 2008

I went to TM point Rawang to claim for my Rebate. I was asked to pay for the fees as usual because your people said; rebate will take about 2-3 weeks (crazy!) before it was approved. Rebate (if it was approved) will be deducted from the current bill. And, there is no guarantee for the rebate to be approved! Thorough investigation will be conducted by your people. It will be justified accordingly and if it was approved, amount to be rebated will be pro-rated!

Can anyone of you justify the frustration and anger of your customers? I am sure that am not the only person who face this situation.

Until this very moment, the line is still so, very-very bad!

9 November 2008

I made a report to your call centre about our phone line. People can hear us, but we can’t hear them. And my streamyx still sucks to the max! I insist for a technical check-up ASAP.

10 November 2008

As soon as I got back from work, my parents said no one from TM came. I made a call to your call centre (again). And the reason ‘overhead cable problem’ was given (again)! I felt like throwing up, listening to the same lame reason! Ohh goshhh!

I can’t stand any longer. I really-really need to send this email. It has been in my DRAFT BOX for quite some time!

I demand for a real solution on this and granted for a full 2 months rebate. Honestly, I actually wanted (really, badly) to cancel my Streamyx subscription ASAP. I am bonded with this 2-years ‘rubbish’ subscription (Merdeka Bash promo in 2007@rm77 per month, 1mbps).

Below are my account & contact details for your perusal (if you really take complaints seriously).

Username: raihan79@streamyx

Account No : 20070320071902

Contact No : 012 – 265 8595

Fix line (home no.) 03 - 60919702

My Rebate Report No : 8804557

The way this email is gonna be treated, really matters. If there is no action taken from your side, I assumed ‘what most people said about Malaysian’s so-called BIG, GIANT TELCO COMPANY is sooo damn right’

Thank You.


Boleh gitu weh??


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