Tuesday, December 30, 2008



Disclaimer : When you read this entry, pls dont ever try to imagine saya as orang kaya yang nk tunjuk lagak spend ribu-riban nk pindah umah besau. You should imagine me as a woman who had longed for so very long time to move into her own house (well ok, its hubby's house anyway) Our 'little cottage' is merely a very-very small house yang berharga sangattt murah dan terletak pulak kat kawasan ulu banat celah bedah (I am serious, no joke!). Whenever I mentioned about renovation or buying 'expensive' things - that was actually wayyyy too far and too low from what others usually spent!


Exactly like this. From Cavenzi. RM 1099 with FREE Dressing table (same theme color but not in the pic) and FREE pull out. So, boleh beranak lagi 2 orang lagi lorrr... wakakaka...

p/s : Ini brg saya blom beli ok, baru mengidam dan usha2 bajet. Anyway, mana nk cari bed sheet yg mcm dlm gambo tuh? :P

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