Saturday, March 28, 2009



This is just another rubbish entry in Bahasa Amerika. Yes, grammar errors are everywhere and some sentences might sound as stupid as karangan budak UPSR. But I dont care. Writing this in English, give better impact to myself (on the contents). Thank you.

I need to pay extra attention to myself (read as health condition). I am now 13 weeks preggy and started to feel the differences of this one with the previous one. Considering of another 35 weeks (plus, minus) to go and the probabilities of the unexpected things that might turn up within that time, I have to seriously take care of myself now.

Last nite, I had my 1st cramp (tarik mengkarung). And it was way too early for me. Last time, I had it for the 1st time when I was in my 2nd trimester - abt 5 to 6 months of pregnancy. This is a bad sign - im not taking enough calcium (milk) and eating too much of unhealthy food (junkies and fatties) and not forgetting - i skipped most of the maternal vitamins and supplements. My leg and ankle hurts that make me a bit 'unsteady' to walk. Despite this 'unsteadiness', today we (3 of us) managed to collect (and buy) some stuffs at 1 Utama. And Aisyah got her advance birthday presents from her mom and dad today! - I'll blog about it later.

My breathing difficulties due to phlegm (or mucus?) is getting worse. My sinus (resdung) is another nightmare. My nose always blocked. And today, I started to cough; accompanied with dry and itchy throat. I have to change my face towels everyday and carry it everywhere (which i use to wipe and blow my nose after each sneezings) All these, combine with my super-obese weight is just a complete reason for me to consider for a serious medication and/or consultation. (Note : My dad and my late grandma got their athma at about my age now!) Even worse, grandma got her severe athma attack (several times) during her last pregnancy. Scary huh?

With the pressure and changes that we faced each day, I need to learn to relax and cool down and see things as it is. I survived successfully in this 3 years and it is just another few more months (or hopefully weeks) to go. Stop expecting and stop feeling guilty of things that I am supposed and used to do. Lets just hope that the basic things runs smoothly. Remember, that time is to be celebrated in my most 'fittest' condition; so don't let this 2 months chaos spoil it!

Drinks more plain water. Stop dropping-by at gerai Makcik Simpang for her tempting goreng pisang and juicy air tebu. Bathe as soon as u got home (in the evening) and if u didnt manage to do so by 7 pm, dont bother to take bath. Night bath is bad for my body. Stop drinking coffee, nescafe or tea. Just stick to your chocolate milk. (I had constipation for 4 days in a row!)

Be more selective of your food intake. No cabbage, no pulut, no icy drinks, and the list going on and on... Cut your gulai, fatty, sugar, salt, chicken and meat intake. (Anyway, I just had cucur kucai with cabbage this afternoon and now my whole body is aching!) Sleep early and wake-up early. Remember : The early birds catches the worms!

Should re-start reading Quran by now, practicing those good surah and ayat. Pray a lot. Perform solat as soon as masuk waktu. Note : Procrastinating is a thief of time! Beware of what u said. No more maki hamun and those dirty words. If you cant cope with the laziness, focus on how to minimize the effect of it. Or dont bother at all. heh!

There are always ups and downs, positives and negatives, success and failures, yes and no in our life. Just let everything flow. And go with the flow!

The end.

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