Friday, April 17, 2009




Syiok arrr! (sengih lebau!)

Kawan-kawan, tima kasih sbb tolong jadi 'Ustazah Bahyah' dan 'nasik tambah' untuk entry semalam. Semoga minggu depan lebih manis dari minggu ini - untuk saya dan anda juga!

As I am now 17 weeks pregnant, I think it's about time to start shopping kan? Sapa setuju sila angkat mouse tinggi-tinggi! Esok ada Pureen Warehouse Sale. Sapa nak pergi?

Other than the Pureen liquid bottle cleanser and detergent, i dont have anything yet on my mind. Pureen disposable diapers for newborn? Hurrmmmm...but im planning to cloth diapering the new baby. hehehe....jgn tenyeh mata anda. Betul..ini saya yang tulis. Macam tak percayakan? I'll blog about it later ya!

Maybe i should start making list of what to buy for the newborn. I sokaaa buat list-list nih. :P

As for Aisyah, she knows that Im carrying a baby in my tummy. Whenever i lie down, dia akan datang dan selak baju and touch my tummy. (Actually dia korek2 pusat saya!) Then she will kiss my tummy, wave her hand and said - hi baby...! Dan semalam dia dapat idea baru... she pat her face with both hands, then she count 1, 2, 3 and said...peekaboo! oh my...that was sooo sweet!

The funny part is, she sometimes touch my breast and said - hi baby! Aiyooo...sudah salah konsep la nak. Especially when she saw baby on TV. Kelam kabut come to me and selamba tepuk2 my breast and said baby - while mata dia terpaku kat TV. Asal boleh jer tawww.

She loves baby so much! She will touch them gently and kiss them. It happens few times with her younger cousin or younger kids that we met during outings.

We hope Aisyah will be a good sister to her new sibling!

Till then, happy weekend everyone! :D

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